Sweaters and Tea

Today is the first cold and rainy day of the season, which means I was able to wear a sweater today! I love wearing sweaters. I mean, you can’t be a stereotypical book nerd without loving sweaters.


Think of Hermione Granger. Emma Watson always wore the cutest sweaters in the Harry Potter films. The Harry Potter wardrobe department showed the world that it is possible to be smart and attractive.


Also, just look at Martin Freeman(John Watson in BBC’s Sherlock) in this picture. Isn’t that sweater fantastic?


And then there’s this one from Sherlock’s Christmas episode after the creators of the show found out the fans were obsessed with Watson’s sweaters. It’s one of the best nerdy – yet wearable – Christmas sweaters I’ve ever seen!


Another important component to a rainy day is an endless supply of tea and coffee. If you prefer tea over coffee, go with a black tea. My favorite black tea is Earl Grey. I don’t know if it’s just because the word “grey” is in the name, but I feel like everything about this tea makes the grey sky a million times better.


If you are willing to spend $4 at Starbucks, I would suggest getting a London Fog(an Earl Grey latte with a shot of vanilla) on a rainy day. About a year ago, a friend of mine had me try a London Fog, and I have been paying for the overpriced tea with foam ever since. They are seriously addictive.


Most importantly, rainy days are the perfect excuse to stay indoors, plop down in a comfortable chair next to a window, and read.

So put on your favorite sweater, brew some Earl Grey tea, and read a good book.



2 thoughts on “Sweaters and Tea

  1. elhamblen says:

    I love sweaters and tea. Also, why am I just now hearing about London Fog? That sounds amazing!

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