Breaking Dawn – Part 2


FINALLY the last Twilight movie has been released. Does anyone even care anymore? All of the girls who were fans when they were 14 are in their twenties now and hopefully have moved on.

Now we won’t have to hear about Kristen and Rob’s “relationship”. I still don’t believe they were ever together. And people say, “But they had a house! They were so in love!” Then why did Kristen sleep with a director?

I saw that there was apparently a plot twist, so I looked for spoilers on the Internet. SPOILER ALERT! Basically, there aren’t any spoilers.

Here’s what happens: There is a battle scene where Carlisle’s head is ripped off and Jasper dies. When I read this, I laughed. That was the kind of ending I was looking for in the book. Then the audience finds out the entire scene is one of Alice’s visions. Like in the novel, Irene is the only one who actually dies.

I guess I shouldn’t have expected anything cool to actually happen. People die in battles. The screenwriters should have changed the ending.

So anyway, tonight I am going to see the final film with some friends. It should be somewhat entertaining, even if I leave feeling like I wasted ten dollars. Taylor Lautner will inevitably be shirtless at least once. The scene will be dramatic. Girls will gasp. It’ll be fun.

Random note: I saw Part 1 with one of my friends I’m going with tonight, and we literally laughed for 5 minutes after seeing Meyer in the wedding scene. It was so awkward. If I ever write a book that is turned into a movie, DO NOT LET ME BE IN THE MOVIE. That would be mortifying.

Click here for to the “spoilers” I referenced, complete with a poll titled “What do you think of the surprise ending?”